2k Sports Should Give Out Refunds For NBA 2k14

2k Sports Should Give Out Refunds For NBA 2k14

It is very unusual for me to ask for a refund for a game. I am not one of those hippies who wanted a refund for Mass Effect 3 because of the game’s creative choices. I only ask for a refund if the product is broken and does not play as advertised, and that is exactly what NBA 2k14 (for PS4/Xbox One) is…..broken. Most of the game is glitchy or filled with micro-transactions that completely ruin the experience.

Microtransactions and VC Credits

If you thought the microtransactions in Forza were bad, you have not seen anything yet. NBA 2k14 is a 60 dollar game. For sixty dollars you expect a full game without having to buy more crap to enjoy the experience on the disc. The game is designed to test your patience and to push you in the direction to pay real money for clothes, stats, and actual gameplay.

Here is the problem:

2k sports created a currency system called VC points. VC points are designed for you to earn and spend the points like an RPG. If the whole point of VC points was to spend money on useless clothing items, this would be okay. But VC currency does not stop at virtual clothing. VC points are needed for My GM mode, My Career, and My Team.

        The problem is clearly noticeable when you start my GM mode. You have to spend VC points on simple things like switching the rotations of your players.  WTF! This is a GM mode. Why do you have to earn the right to have a basic feature? It’s like having to earn the right to give your party members equipment in Final Fantasy. After learning about this crappy feature, the real “fun”  begins. As a player, you realize that you have to play every single MyGm game to earn basic managing gameplay. If you simulate games, eventually you will get fired. You have a choice. Grind through the game or pay money for skills you should have had in the first place. 2k literally is charging players a full sixty dollars to pay for an iphone app style model.

      Now fans may storm on here and say, “2k is giving out more VC now. You just have to pay attention!” Yes 2k is giving out more VC….if…you download their app or follow them on twitter. If  you do all of these, then maybe 2k will bless you with some VC scraps. I feel like Oliver Twist asking for a handout.

Me: Please @Ronny2k may I please have more…

Ronny2k: MORE!!!

To sum it up the VC system is corrupted and 2k should be embarrassed that they are charging their loyal customers sixty dollars to deal with this crap.

Always Online

How shady of 2k to make this game always online. If the servers were only needed to play online gameplay I would not be upset, but the whole GAME is online. Everything is connected to the 2k servers. My GM, My Team, and MyPlayer are all connected to the 2k servers. Your saves are also uploaded to the server. If the servers break down like they did during Christmas week, you have a brick for a disc. It is literally useless. If the 2k servers cannot load your account you are stuck at the title screen. WHAT A RIPOFF. This is exactly why so many gamers hated the vision that Microsoft wanted. Also, 2k knew this was a slimy thing to do. Not once did they advertise or publicly say that there game was going to be always online. If they did, no one would have bought it.

The Game Is Broken

I have dealt with numerous bugs in this game that have pissed me off. I seriously have not been this upset about purchasing a game. First one happened during their server outage. My younger brother, while playing Myplayer, was kicked out of the mode. And since the servers were out, he was worried he was going to lose all his VC points and progress for his career. The second bug that happened is one I personally experienced. In MyGm, if you make it to the NBA Finals, there is a game breaking bug where the game will not continue if you win your playoff match before your next opponent wins their match. If this happens there is nothing you can do. The mode is stuck and unplayable.


I am really pissed off about this game. The sad part about this is the actual gameplay on the court is amazing on the graphics are terrific. It is the rest of the game that is completely embarrassing.  Fix your game 2k because at this point I have no desire to buy 2k15 or any of the future NBA 2k games. Hell at this point, NBA Live is starting to look more promising.

2 thoughts on “2k Sports Should Give Out Refunds For NBA 2k14

  1. It was like that for 2 years when VC was introduced that it was always online so it shouldn’t be a surprise. The online servers were always garbage so it shouldn’t be a surprise. The advertised it like it worked properly all the time so it shouldn’t be a surprise. Look up the past iterations before making a purchase? Then it shouldn’t be a surprise?

    1. It definitely was a surprise, I had NBA 2K13. The servers were garbage, but it WAS for online mode only. 2K never announced that there single player campaigns would be connected to their servers. It was a sneaky double cross to their big fans in my opinion. Also they have game ending bugs that have still not been fixed yet.

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